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Darren Kenny OBE - Paralympic Cycling World Champion
“A lot of things go into making sure you are at your best for key events. Like training hard,watching your diet and getting enough rest. Regular massage is important too, as it aids recovery and helps prevent injury. Eamonn does a first class job for me and has a great understanding of what athletes go through. I would also recommend him to non athletes. I know from past experience how easy it is to make a costly mistake at work because the only thing you can think of, is how much your back hurts!”

J Purdey - Picture Framer
“I have been seeing Eamonn for over 2 years and i highly recommend him, through his excellent treatment i have been able to maintain a physical well being so i can carry on with my work. Eamonn does not just cater for sports people, a lot of people suffer back pain or repetitve strains from their everyday work. Eamonn can relieve all those aches and pains, making life so much easier and he is so easy to get along with and full of advice”

Emma Dews - GB Duathlete/Triathlete
“I realy look forward to my regular sports massage with Eamonn. It is invaluable in preventing injury and i find that after a hard week of working, training and racing it is a great way to unwind. I race and train a lot, so i need to look after myself. Eamonns Strapline of investing in yourself is spot on! Eamonn also offers very useful help and advice as he is incredibly knowledgeable as a result of his impressive sporting career. Good sports massage therapists are hard to find - but if you on this site - you have struck gold”

Daniel Lloyd - Professional Road Cyclist
“Eamonn is a very accomplished massage therapist who I would recommend to anybody. I always make sure I go to him for a massage when I'm at home training between races, it's a very important part of my recovery and he can also help with any injuries or niggles that I've got.”

Mike McCarthy - Triathlete
“I have been going to Eamonn for about a year now and recommend him highly. Its great having someone who understands whatís needed in our sport, as he has been there and done it! Eamonn knows where the problem ares are and works them effectively. (without causing too much pain)”

Cath Shelley - Runner/Cyclist
“I have been having regular sports massage with Eamonn for about 18 months. Eamonn always focuses in on those areas I know to be giving me trouble and often finds other areas I donít know about! During and at the end of the session Eamonn will always take the time & trouble to explain why particular areas may be giving me problems and he will advise me about stretches to do in between sessions to help alleviate tightness in specific areas. Eamonn is easy to chat to and full of knowledge about his profession and also all things sporting… so its not unusual to come away with a top training tip!”

Rob Stanley - Runner & Rower
“It is thanks to Eamonn that I have been able to run competitively again during the past two years. Sports massage is an excellent treatment for muscle injuries, but more importantly is absolutely outstanding in terms of injury prevention and general physical well being. I have used a number of talented Masseurs and Physiotherapists over the past decade, but I consider Eamonn to be top of the pile in terms of technique, ability to home in on problematic areas, general professionalism and ability to put you at ease. I would have no hesitation in recommending Eamonn to anybody, male or female, sportsperson or those not so active”

Steve Way - Elite Marathon Runner
“My weekly sports massage plays a key part in my high mileage marathon training. Keeping On top of my “niggles” is crucial to consistent training and Eamonnís expertise in massage therapy does the job! Combining these skills with his own experiences as an elite athlete means Eamonn is able to listen and give informal advice on my weekly training.”

Steve Shuck - Littledown Harriers
“I enjoy my running and work hard at it. Trouble is , I was in a cycle of getting into shape then suffering an injury and then having to work back to where I was. I have now managed to break this cycle over the last couple of years and a major factor in achieving this, has been my weekly massage from Eamonn. It is a key part of my injury prevention strategy.

It is not only the treatment; Eamonnís advice and encouragement on training, stretching, race tactics (where we rarely agree) are both invaluable and inspiring. When it comes to endurance sport he is extremely knowledgeable. It works for me and I would recommend his services to other sportsmen and women”

Louise Dutch - Cyclist
“I have had regular massage with Eamonn for the past three years. Eamonn understands what athelets needs and want as he is a regular competing athelete himself. I am convinced massage has helped me achieve the results that have done and believe that unless your body is in tip top condition you will never reach your full potential and no amount of expensive equipment can make up for that. I would recommend Eamonn whatever your standard, if you want to get the best out of yourself.”

Malcolm Chapman - Southbourne
“I cant thank Eamonn enough for his twice weekly massages. I suffer from MND and his treatment helps to relax my muscles all over my body. He is a friendly, kind person who provides the two highlights of my week. He listens carefully to specific aches and pains I have and deals with the problem areas. As I cannot speak I thoroughly enjoy the conversations he has with my wife or daughter who are in attendance”

Susan Chapman - Southbourne
“My husband Malc has hugely benefited from Eamonn's fragrant, vigorous massages and is always much more relaxed afterwards. Malc has Motor Neurone Disease; cramps and twitching muscles often bother him. Eamonn is courteous, attentive and sensitive to these problems. He is also a good listener to my endless ramblings and can bat around an interesting topic or two with intelligence and humour”

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